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Takino Tomo (滝野 智)
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  • Takino: She doesn't fuck otters. --runningmouth

  • Tomo....wrestled in jello and lost, but looked super cool the whole time. --gettin_fired_up

  • Tomo: An almost nineteen year old virgin. --fullmetalbean

  • Takino Tomo: the libido of an older girl in a loli body. Best of both worlds! --givingnoneaway

  • Tomo: REALLY FREAKING LOUD. But good with psychopaths. --rokudaimeyo

  • Tomo: Was a brattier kid than Sano. --onsen_addict

  • Miss Takino. Somewhat lacking in tact. --reyflection

  • Tomo is ancient Egyptian for "unique." --simplicikey

  • Otter-free since 2006. --classprotector

  • Tomo-san: A friend with a persona you just have to see to understand. --wankamaru

  • Tomo: Ratcock all the way. --snakesonanin

  • Tomo-san is very energetic! --love_flower

  • Tomo always gets the job done. --saaaaaaave_me

  • Tomo: Likes to use RANDOM CAPS to get her POINT ACROSS. --guitar_hiro

  • Tomo: Utterly defies description. But not in a bad way. --harmonic_tremor

  • Tomo: Fails at distracting people from her virginity. --head_playboy

  • Tomo: Wants t' be a gay cop when she grows up. --cock_my_gun

  • Tomo is a charming young lady with lots of energy. --count_onme

  • Tomo: Should still be elected for Camp President. --blue_bombshell

  • Tomo is a Warrior Queen with a spiky laser dress. --goldielegs


  • Tomo: Likes dresses, but only on guys. --youllgoblind

  • Tomo: Focused, persistant, and true to her hormones cause. --tyliebe

  • Tomo-chan: so very cute as a little maiden~ --reads_wingfic

  • Tomo: Likes men in dresses. --sosdanchou

  • You come out of closets in pachinko balls. --kick_up_a_notch

  • Tomo is a little insane. --marezydoats


  • Tomo: She's not contagious. At least we're pretty sure. --on_target

  • Tomo: she sure can ride 'em. --haphazardace

  • Tomo is a kind girl who made me feel welcome at camp when I met her. --using_wiles

  • --inpignation

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